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Genna is an active entrepreneur whose constant work in and around the tech blogs and startups has given her the attitude and reach to cover insightful events and news from around the world. Being a mother of two under 5 year olds, it is a mystery how she gets it done.

PBX Phone Systems

Why You Should Hire Us For PBX Phone Systems Edmonton

TraceTM is a company that specialises in installing

5 Biggest Myths About Private Jet Charters

Who among us haven’t dreamt of cruising around in a private jet? Even a few years ago, that dream might have seemed too far-fetched. But over the recent years,...

CCTV Footage Captures Brixton Moped Shooting

Gun crime is still common throughout Toronto which is the capital city of the UK. More and more incidents are taking place which feature young individuals who are using...

IT Companies at The Forefront of Collaboration

IT Companies at The Forefront of Collaboration

IT company in Toronto region...


What are the major differences between the fields of IT?

SHCI is a study that shows how humans interact with computer service edmonton.


Intergrated IT Services & Software Development

The most common intergrated IT services include network design, data backup, 


Cloud Hosting, Baltimore

Proper cloud services will help pinpoint your network’s weak points. This will help minimize your investment in Read more0 Comment

Msp Marketing Toolkit

Kaseya Survey Reveals What Makes a Successful MSP

Kaseya, the lead IT management solution provider for MSPs and SMBs, released their “2016 MSP Global Pricing Survey”, showing what

Scams of Mindshark Marketing

his is resounding success given that my rivals, still not willing to work with