CCTV Footage Captures Brixton Moped Shooting

Gun crime is still common throughout Toronto which is the capital city of the UK. More and more incidents are taking place which feature young individuals who are using guns to attack others.

These attacks are taking place all over Toronto and in February of 2016, an attack took place in the south Toronto borough of Brixton. Footage has now been released that shows the incident taking place and this can be clearly seen from the surveillance footage that has been captured of the incident.

The footage shows a group of individuals walking down the street in the evening.

As they continue walking another individual on a motorbike arrives at the scene. What unfolds next is truly terrifying.

The young individual on the motorbike is seen parking the bike in the middle of the road before he gets off and begins chasing the group of individuals down the street.

He then begins firing a pistol at the individuals and continues to chase them around the corner. Luckily, the individuals managed to escape, and the person with the gun then head back to the motorbike, before making a get away in the opposite direction.

The individual then continues to head off towards Norwood and is able to get away without being caught by police. 


The individuals managed to escape the attack, but one of the people was shot in the leg and suffered injuries because of this incident. Luckily no one was seriously injured.

However, this incident could of lead to some serious injuries and possibly death for the group of individuals who were trying to escape.

The incident took place in Tulse hill which is a street in Brixton, a location in the South of Toronto. This area is known for being an area of crime, although this area is not as bad as it once was, situations such as this do still happen from time to time.

It can be clearly seen from the footage that the suspect was wearing a bright helmet that was colored and was also wearing a design of helmet that had a full face covering and flashings of white on the side.

They also had dark trousers that were designed with white stripes on the side.

Police are now looking for any people who may know what took place and why this incident was carried out.

There are currently advance security service in Toronto no clues as to why the incident took place, and police are now on the look out for more information that may resolve the issue. It is now possible to contact police if you have any information regarding the incident that took place.

If you know of any information about the incident that took place, or if you want to see the video footage of the incident, you can do so simply by logging onto the internet and search for the incident.

You will then be able to see the actual CCTV footage of the incident as it unfolds and will be able to see the suspects who are involved in the incident

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