What are the major differences between the fields of IT?

With the dynamic changes that occur as far as technology is concerned, a lot of hard work will be expected of you if at all you are to remain employed in the field of IT. IT is divided into many different fields. The major ones include:


This mainly involves routing and switching whereby you will need to understand how a network works before anything else. A network operates when you connect peripherals and computers using routers and switches. These will enable all devices that are connected to a network to communicate with each other and also with other networks when configured correctly. Switches are used for connecting multiple devices that are on the same network to create a network that allows for resources sharing. This helps increase productivity and also saves on costs. Routers on the other hand are very helpful in tying together multiple networks. It helps determine the best route that your information should follow when dispatched across networks.

System Administration

This involves the management of a computing environment having multiple users for example a local area network, LAN. A system administrator has the responsibilities of installing the systems hardware and software and also correctly configuring it. He is also expected to establish and manage the user accounts, upgrade the software and also perform all tasks involving backup and recovery.


Database, DB, is a collection of information that has been organized in a way that will enable a computer program to easily select, access, manage and update all the data pieces that are desired. Basically, a database a means of electronically filing data. Databases are usually classified according to the content type. This includes full-text, bibliographic, images and numeric. These are also classified according to how they are organized. In relational database, the data has been defined in such a way that it can be accessed and reorganized in many different ways. Distributed database can be replicated or dispersed among various points of the network. On the other hand, object oriented programming is harmonious with the data that is defined in the classes and subclasses of the object.

Web Development

This is the process of coding and programming to get a website functioning according to the requirements of the owner. Web development deals with all the non-design aspects involved in building a website. This includes writing markup and coding. This process ranges from simply creating plain text pages to creation of complex web based applications, electronic business applications and social network applications. The hierarchy of web development involves: server side coding, database technology and client side coding.

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

SHCI is a study that shows how humans interact with computer service edmonton. It also shows the extent to which computers can or cannot be developed for a successful human interaction. HCI has three major components: the user, the computer and the way that these two work together. The user could imply a single user or multiple users that are working on one computer. The means by which the user’s relay information to the computer is very vital.

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