Scams of Mindshark Marketing

How someone can come up with a claim that Mindshark Marketing has been a scam all along is more than just mere baffling for me, personally. I own a motor vehicle dealership in North America, and happen to be lucky enough to share towns with the marketing company’s head offices. Since being approached by their marketing teams, my company has gone from selling just one car to none per month, to the extent of having to deal with orders before cars hit the showroom from manufacturers. This is resounding success given that my rivals, still not willing to work with Mindshark Marketing, are lucky to sell two vehicles a month.

Taking a random search online with the words ‘scam and mindshark’ in any combination will probably give you a peek into the stress that rivals are under. It is largely because their efforts and and results are hard, if not impossible for their competition to replicate. If you were competing with such a giant in the marketing industry, you too would be tempted to discredit their name so that you get ahead and get their market share.

Mindshark Marketing

Some scams of mindshark marketing claim that they exaggerate their results and never really get clients value for their money. If that were any close to the truth, 98% of their clients would not be subscribing to their services for more than 10 years each. Results cannot be exaggerated, this is because clients notice sales from even the smallest flexing of marketing muscle from Mindshark Marketing.

Lately, I noticed a new breed of scams of Mindshark Marketing being posted online via advertisement websites and specific blogs that list a lot of other service companies. These are known to be high traffic websites that thrive on people’s scepticism of service providers. Which means every time you Google negative things about a company, they want to be the landing page you get to and make money from the ads which are found on every unwritten inch of the interface. Most employees that get laid off from Mindshark Marketing get hurt by the idea of leaving a world class company. They are approached by the webmasters of such websites to write personal accounts of their bad experiences at the company.

This is a criminal act against Mindshark Marketing agency and they have every right to follow up on these employees and set the records straight. However, because there is a lot of work due for clients, all their efforts are rather spent on producing great results. Some of which cancel out the bad publicity that is spread against their efforts. However, their work ethic and result based strategies all speak at decibels louder that their critics’ efforts.

There is no saying what new scams of Mindshark Marketing will go online soon, the only thing predictable from where I stand, is their continuation to deliver world-leading services to their clients. How rivals decide to compete is not in their control. As for me, there is no better marketing partner to get my cars off the showroom.

Genna is an active entrepreneur whose constant work in and around the tech blogs and startups has given her the attitude and reach to cover insightful events and news from around the world. Being a mother of two under 5 year olds, it is a mystery how she gets it done.