About Us

A group of entrepreneurs came together and decided to keep the world up to date with happenings in the tech world, having noticed how other content publishers were either not keeping up with how fast changes were happening and also how incoherent their reports were with their passions. Readers are definitely passionate about the topics we have been covering so far, and their eagerness to read more is only matched with how much our content developers hunt for the best reads.

Through hard work, tireless research and more nights awake in a week that we sleep, our readers from all over the world never have to hear anything new from other sources. At any given time, we have a horde of news articles that are read over and over again to make sure all our readers get the same quality we have become synonymous with at every publish button click.

Having started with the core objective of making the most up to date platform in terms of user experience and the latest news updates, we have had a lot of help from the opinions sent in from our readers. We are never convinced that we have reached our objective, and changes will be the only constant seen on our platform.